Truth About Belly Fat

Do you have too much belly fats? If you are, then you are probably suffering from “central obesity”, which gives the body an apple or pear shape. To give you an initial information about fats in general, please read my previous post “Importance of Fats“.

Belly fats or medically known as visceral fats, are the most hated type of fats because it’s more visible than any fat areas of the body. Even slim and skinny people do have unhealthy “hidden fats” in the belly so basically, no one are exempted. Both sexes have tendencies to accumulate too much fats in the middle but men have more belly fats than women, starting from adolescence stage.

But did you know that it is much easier to lose than subcutaneous fats under the skin? Fats in the waistline is much more metabolically active so it is where the most fats accumulate. Many people dream a flat, sexy and muscular abs, but if you are not motivated enough, that would might stay as a dream.

Let me give you an in-depth information about belly fat such as its origin, the effects of the foods we eat and how it can be eliminated. This article will give you a better understanding about abdominal fats and how to deal with it naturally.

Causes of Belly Fat

In recent studies, men who measures above 40 inches waistline and women with above 30 inches have too much belly fats are are in higher risk for heart conditions and other diseases such as formation of gallstones, fat tumors, liver disorders, diabetes and erectile dysfunction in men. So it is important to know its causes to easily lose this ugly abdominal fats.

Belly fats breaks easily into fatty acids, producing more hormones and inflammatory compounds. This result to pass into the liver, muscles and other organs which clots into the bloodstream. This in turn develop into a health problems such as detailed above.

Having fats in the middle section could come from many factors such pregnancy, too much alcohol consumption, unhealthy eating, less exercise and aging. As you can see, you can definitely prevent having too much belly fats based on these factors except of course pregnancy and aging.

If you practice these bad habits, you should definitely have to change your lifestyle and help yourself to lose weight. Otherwise, you are a prime candidate of the said diseases. How to achieve flat abs? Read on.

How to Lose Belly Fat Quickly

There is no quick weight loss solution for fats so if you were looking for that magic formula, well there are none. Except of course if you opt to undergo bariatric surgery or liposuction procedures for quick fat loss. But don’t lose hope as belly fats are the easiest part to lose. All you need is perseverance, change of lifestyle and a little motivation to succeed.

First is to eat foods rich in whole grains and fiber. This helps improve insulin sensitivity and prevent resistance. Whole grain, fiber foods are organic products which are rich in vitamins and minerals. This includes brown and red rice, whole grain barley, wheat grass, whole oats and many others. It will help lower blood glucose levels and of course helps reduce fats especially in the belly section.

Dairy and fatty products are not ideal foods if you want to lose those excess love handles. It will add more calories thus increasing your body fats. But if you insist on eating oily foods, take monounsaturated fat food group instead. Monounsaturated fatty acids or MUFAS, are healthy fats that are known to reduce heart disease. This includes in chocolate, olive oil, avocados, nuts, soybeans.

But MUFAS also contains calories (in small amount) so don’t take this as an alternative weight loss remedy for your belly fats. It also increase your uric acid if taken immoderately.

How about exercises? Every workout routines are essential to lose weight and that includes belly fats. Fortunately, belly fat is the first fat that is reduced when you start working out. So exercise plays a big role on your weight loss program.

Abdominal crunches are effective for sculpting your abs into a muscular six packs. However, if you have too much fats on your middle, crunches won’t do any good for you. Instead, it will give you back pains and even abdominal pains. Spot abdominal exercises are not ideal if you have too much belly fats.

You need to apply other workout specifically cardio exercises such as walking, jogging, aerobics, dancing and many others. All these activities can burn more calories which in turn reduce your belly fats. If you see that your middle fats are trimming rapidly, continue working out until you achieve flat abs. Only then you can apply crunches to start building ab muscles.

Weight Training is another way to flatten your abs. I personally experienced the wonders of weight training where I managed to reduce two inches of my waistline without any abdominal workouts or crunches. Lifting weights however needs assistance from fitness professionals for safe and effective workout.

Another way is to take diet pills. Today, there are many diet supplements that can help you lose those belly fats. But you have to prioritize the safety and effectiveness of certain diet pills that you will take. It has to be no known side-effects and of course, made from natural ingredients. I have compiled the best, trusted and proven effective and safe diet pills in the market today. Read my product reviews HERE for more information.

Facts about Belly fat

So far, I have discussed many important details about belly fats. To summarize it all, below are the facts.

  • belly fats are also called visceral fats
  • belly fats are caused by environmental and lifestyle such as aging, pregnancy, alcohol consumption, less exercise and unhealthy diet
  • even skinny people have hidden belly fats
  • male have more abdominal fats than women
  • too much belly fats increases your risks for heart diseases and other health conditions
  • crunches won’t help reduce your belly fats
  • whole grain products and fiber foods can help flatten your ab
  • cardio exercises and weight training are excellent workout to trim your stomach

Again, you naturally lose belly fats when applying your weight loss workout so you don’t have to worry more about your middle when you exercise. Visceral fats are more metabolically active which makes it easier to dissolve than any other fats inside the skin. The more you lose weight, the more you lose inches along your waistline, making it more proportion to your body.

In addition to weight loss workout, subsequent nutrition is also very important for normal muscle recovery and growth. If you’re looking for a fat burner, order Instant Knockout. A high-quality fat burner that boosts your metabolism and helps you lose weight fast. It has also been proven to increase energy levels.