Visit Marco Island In Florida For The Most Exquisite Shells 

Florida has countless islands surrounded by beautiful beaches. Marco Island is the all-time favourite of all the tourists who visit Florida. People from all over the world make sure that they pay their visit to Marco Island when they go to Florida. People especially who love collecting seashells tend to visit Marco Island. Marco Island is famous for different types of rare seashells. This is something you can find nowhere else in the world. 

Why should you visit Marco Island? 

There are plenty of reasons why people should visit Marco Island in Florida. It is a beautiful island. There are so many things to enjoy on this island. People from all over the world visit this Florida island for the following reasons: 

  •     Pleasant Climate: 

Marco Island is known for not only its shells but also its pleasant weather. The climate is very refreshing and relaxing at the same time. There are many factors responsible for indicating the best time for experiencing shelling activities on this island. Experts can give you a better idea of the right time to enjoy this activity. 

  •     Explore the beaches:

Marco Island has plenty of beautiful beaches. These pristine blue sandy beaches surround the entire island. These beaches are responsible for providing such a pleasant climatic environment. Tourists can enjoy time at these beaches by sitting or taking a nice comforting stroll along these sandy beaches. 

  •     Enjoy many activities:

Marco Island offers plenty of activities to the tourists. These activities are mainly possible because of so many physical features located on this island. Some of the interesting activities that tourists can enjoy on this island apart from shelling are canoeing, kayaking, wildlife watching, bird watching, boating, playing golf, and fishing. 

  •     Enjoy shopping & eating:

Apart from all the activities mentioned earlier, tourists can also enjoy shopping and eating good food on this island. It offers fresh seafood that you can relish along with the good weather of the place. 

Types of seashells on Marco Island

Marco Island is widely popular for shelling activities. You can find many different types of beautiful and rare seashells from this place. Junonia Shell from Marco Island Shelling is one such example of the rarest seashell in Florida. There is hardly any other island that will offer an abundance of such shells to the people who take great interest in seashells. Some of the other different types of shells that you find on this island apart from the Junonia shell are: 

  •    Scallop shells:

 This is one of the most common shells to find on Marco Island. These shells are of many different colours and are used for making interesting crafts and art. 

  •     Conch shells: 

These are the most popular shells in the world. They are easily identifiable. These shells are quite sturdy. 

  •     Sand dollars: 

These shells are fascinating because they are sea urchins. They have a unique star shape. 

  •     Worm snail shells:

 They are spiral-shaped and are also relatively common shells found on this island. You can make beautiful decorations and necklaces with these shells. 

  •     Murex shells:

You can practically hear the sound of the ocean with the help of these shells. They are beautiful but not very sturdy. 

Enjoy Shelling!

If you want Junonia Shell from Marco Island Shelling, you need to know the right season. It is imperative to take advice from the experts before visiting this island in search of such exquisite shells.