What are the Redstone tricks that are used in the Minecraft Survival Mode?

If you have been playing Minecraft for quite some time now, you must know its basic techniques and concepts. You are given too many tasks to emerge victoriously as you proceed in the game and reach survival mode. 

While you may easily finish the game’s initial levels, Minecraft’s advanced levels are comprised of engineering techniques to build machines for survival later in the game. 

One of the most famous advanced survival situations is using the Redstone. Players in the game can obtain the mineral by digging deep and collecting its dust. The best way to receive Redstone is through mining or directly receiving a big Redstone block. However, to do so, here are some Redstone tricks that you need to follow. 

The best Redstone hacks for players

Redstone is one of the most important minerals in the Minecraft game is used to power up players. For instance, a small amount of the Redstone dust is spread on blocks to complete your construction.

As mining of the mineral isn’t a piece of cake, here are some of the tricks used to mine Redstone-

  1. Natural extraction of the mineral is possible once you visit the dungeon. As this place might hold several mysteries for you, it’s important to focus on Redstone ore extraction. If you get some, collect the Redstone block and use it in the game. 
  2. In the “woodland mansion” in the Minecraft game, players will also find Redstone dust. When crossing the jungle pyramid, you may spot the mansion and collect the Redstone dust. The dust, however, is found inside the mansion. Visit and explore the mansion to collect the dust. 
  3. On collecting the Redstone block, other players can loot it from you. Hence, use tools to break the Redstone and collect its dust. Your share of Redstone will help you get through the game. 
  4. The witches in Minecraft also drop Redstone upon death. Players can collect this dust too. 

Redstone dust can also be collected by trading and from the mine chest by pressing cakealts. However, you must be careful when collecting the dust from traders. 

Using the Redstone dust in the game

Now that you have collected Redstone, it’s important to understand the perfect technique of using the same. Redstone is mixed with a variety of elements to form portions. Hence, here are some tricks that work best for players-

  1. Redstone is mixed with water to make the famous mundane potion. 
  2. If you want to try becoming invisible in the game, you must use the “increased duration” portion. Mix some Redstone dust powder with some other portions like resistance and invisibility to create this concoction. 

For special crafting during the game, a significant amount of Redstone is used. You can place Redstone dust on various blocks and slabs to create figures. Due to its ability to transform and make components, players must focus on collecting a small amount of the mineral in Minecraft!