What Are The Top 5 Minecraft Structures For Emeralds?

Emeralds are known to be valuable currencies used by villagers in Minecraft. These shiny green gems are mainly found in the mountain biomes. Players are supposed to create emerald farms for producing emeralds as and when needed. After creating a Minecraft fa account, a player should start creating emeralds farms.

Players are to get a little number of emeralds after looting some chests found in different structures. You must know a few of the ultimate Minecraft structures to make it easy to play Minecraft.

5 ultimate Minecraft structures

While playing Minecraft, players are supposed to get different things and minerals like emeralds, diamonds, gold, iron, etc. Emerald is certainly considered to be a very useful resource in this game. Players have the option of trading different kinds of items as per their convenience and benefits. They can trade different items with villagers like diamond gears, enchanted books, food, blocks, etc. It is just important to know which item is needed most.

  • Jungle Temple

These are considered as some rare structures that are found in the desert biomes. These temples have hidden basement along with four loot chests. Before looting such chests, a player is required to explore about hidden TNT trap found underneath. The players can break the pressure plate for running the trap.

  • Desert temple

The desert temples are some other kinds of structures. On average, a player tends to have around an 18% chance of getting 1 to 3 emeralds from each chest. If someone is lucky, then they can even get golden apples, diamonds, etc.

  • End cities

These structures are generally known for their valuable loots, such as enchanted diamond gears, elytras, etc. On the other hand, players may also get their hands on emeralds from these structures. The chests in the end cities happen to have 9% chance of containing 2 to 6 emeralds. By the time a player is to reach end cities, he/she is supposed to have various renewable emerald sources.

  • Shipwrecks

These are such structures where a player is to have the highest chance of finding emeralds in Minecraft. A Minecraft player is generally supposed to find 3 kinds of chests such as supply, explorer, and treasure inside the shipwreck. The treasure chests have a high chance of 73.7% in having 1 to 6 emeralds on average. On the other hand, players also can loot explorer chests for finding buried treasure maps as per their convenience and benefits. Moreover, buried treasure chests have a chance of 59.9% of having 4 to 8 emeralds on average.

  • Villages

Just like other structures, villages are known to be other important structures in Minecraft. Players need to look for different resources and stuff in villages. There is a high chance that a player may get precious gems and other things in such structures. You need to know the right ways and means of exploring such places. If you know it, then you will end up benefiting in the best way possible. The priority is to have minecraft fa account.