Mine Runner Play Free Minecraft Online Games

Mine Runner, a great Minecraft free online game for both Minecraft and runner game lovers. Install Unity Web Player and get started in this awesome Minecraft free online game!

In order to buy minecraft accounts, the players should have complete details about the game. The starting of the playing of the games should be without investment of money. The playing of the free games is with the skills and expertise of the individuals. It is offering an awesome experience.

Runner games have become really popular on mobile devices but playing them in your browser is not impossible. After you install Unity Web Player you can enjoy a great running game that takes place in Minecraft planet. So be ready to run as fast as you can and to avoid all obstacles if you want to survive and become stronger in this free Minecraft game. Welcome to Mine Runner, an exciting game that will entertain for long, it’s guaranteed!

A runner game based on Minecraft

Mine Runner is a fast paced game based on Minecraft, here you will take the place of a running knight looking to get as far as he can and, while doing so, earn enough points to get new Minecraft equipment, Minecraft skins and Minecraft Worlds, all these through the in-game store.

Items can go for very high prices so you need to polish your Mine Runner skills and avoid being hit by all Minecraft blocks you find during your parkour. Lava blocks, trees and rocks will try to end your run but if you can react fast you can avoid them all!

What you can find in this game

Mine Runner features different Minecraft texture packs and is one of the newest Minecraft games. Long and successful runs will award you with coins that can be used to upgrade your equipment but it is also possible to get achievements like: running 500, 1000 and 5000 meters or by scoring high points and collecting coins, this will give you a better idea on how a good Mine Runner you actually are.

From the menu you can access all your stats like high score, total distance, most kills and furthest ran, keep track of these elements and attempt to beat them on every run you perform.

Controls to play Mine Runner

  • W | attack
  • S | duck
  • A | left
  • D | right
  • Space bar | jump

You can play this Minecraft game for free as many times as you want and we recommend you to rub as many times as needed in order to become a pro. Mine Runner is the perfect mix in between Minecraft and Running games and it´s available for you in the best Minecraft resources site: World Minecraft. Don´t forget to check other available free Minecraft Games.