When Root Canals Are A Must

Root canals are performed when the pulp within a tooth becomes damaged due to infection. This can be extremely painful, though some people use analgesics to alleviate the pain during the early stages of the tooth infection. As time goes by, the infection spreads from the tooth pulp into the jaw, and could spill over into the blood vessels that supply the pulp. When an infection spreads to the pulp and involves the jaw, it is usually considered an emergency. Seeking emergency dental care to get the root canal done in such cases is usually the most prudent step to take.

If this condition is left unchecked, the infection is likely to spread to the jaw and blood vessels. When the bacteria spreads to the blood from the tooth pulp, they are transported to the heart where they have the potential to cause heart infections. The infections are usually difficult and expensive to treat, and can sometimes result in permanent damage to the valves within the heart.

When you have extensive tooth decay, you therefore have no option but to get a root canal done to clean the inside of the tooth before the pathogens spread to the blood. Simply filling the cavity in such cases will not solve the problem. Most dentists do as much as they can to make sure that you are pain-free during and after the procedure. Cosmetic Dentist provide all the patients with the right and accurate solutions at affordable rates. All the problems be it be root canal, gum problems or the breathing issues all can be treated at affordable costs. This is done using anesthesia during the root canal, and administration of strong painkillers when recuperating from the procedure.

If you have a tooth cavity or a cracked tooth, it would be wise to have it examined by a qualified dentist to figure out the extent of infection which then guides the treatment plan. If most of the pulp is involved, then you should expect a root canal and the dentist will walk you through the procedure and answer any questions you might have. Neglecting such infections could lead to many other health problems that will be more expensive and more painful to deal with. Besides, root canals are much less painful today than they were in the past, so you shouldn’t be afraid of them.