Choosing The Best Weight Training Programs

There are many different weight training programs to choose from. The big question is which one is best. Most of the time beginning weight trainers just select the weight lifting workout that a friend eagerly recommends. There is no particular reason why only that a friend told them so. Weight training programs are not that complicated as long as you understand key strength training principles. Strength training programs must contain the following general bodybuilding principles. If you understand basic strength training workout principles, bodybuilding results will surely follow. When buying into weight training programs or as you test enhanchers make sure you understand these basic fundamentals that will help you with your workout. 

  1. What is your primary weight training goals? Do you want to build maximum strength or muscle endurance? Do you want to maintain your muscle and strength; or do you want to build as much muscle as you possibly can? Do yourself a favor and answer this basic question. The way your weight training program is structured all depends upon the answer to this question. 
  2. Do you have any medical limitations from doing a particular strength exercise? If you do, you may need to alter your weight training program to compensate for these special medical limitations. 
  3. Frequency of strength exercise. How many days each week are you going to weight train? Is three days best? Four days? The general rule of thumb is the higher the intensity of weight training exercise, the more rest needed between strength training workouts. Some bodybuilders that have the main goals of building as much muscle as possible take up to 5 days off between workouts. On the other hand, if your main goal is muscle endurance training, you won’t need as much rest between workouts. Once again, determine who you are! Another aspect of weight training frequency is how many reps and sets do you really need. If muscle endurance is your goal, you should perform numerous strength training exercise sets, and 12 plus repetitions per set. If bodybuilding is your goal you need to focus on weight training programs which are very short and intense. When I say short I am referring to one or two sets of all-out muscle building exercises per body group for 8 – 12, high intensity, repetitions. 
  4. The intensity of strength training exercise. The greater the intensity of your strength training program, the more muscle you can potentially build. Weight training intensity can be defined as increased resistance or effort placed into a strength training repetition. The more force or stress you place on your muscles, the greater the chance for hypertrophy. Once again, your goals will set apart all the different weight training programs. Picking weight training programs are all about your wants and needs. If your goal is for muscle endurance, and not building muscle, your weight training intensity will be lower. Therefore, high frequency, and low intensity. 

Time of weight training exercise – Time is the duration of weight lifting workout. Is your weight training program going to be endurance based and longer, say 45 minutes? Or, is it going to be 15 minutes of gut-wrenching, muscle-building intensity? How long are you going to place your muscle under stress, or load? Longer for endurance weight training programs, and shorter for pure muscle-building strength training programs. The next question you might be asking is what type of strength training equipment is needed? The great aspect of weight training programs is you can train on state of the art weight lifting equipment, or just use your own body weight. Your body doesn’t know the difference between doing a dumbbell bench press, a chest press machine, or doing a pushup on a swiss ball. The same muscles are contracting. Use what works best for you. By following my simple suggestions above, understanding weight training programs just became easier. Now you won’t just follow your friend’s strength training program suggestions; instead, you will understand what is best for you.