3 Tips That Will Help You To Increase The Yield Of The Cannabis Plant

Cannabis is an essential compound that is taken by so many people for resolving their health problems in the present time. Even doctors recommend this compound to their patients, and some of the countries have made it legal to consume cannabis. However, some people still think that it can be harmful to our bodies and can make us high. Besides this, the plant cannabis is grown by so many people at their home itself these days as they want fresh weed for them. The process of growing this plant is not so complicated, and anyone can undertake it. It is just liked growing up any other plant; however, it needs proper sunlight and darkness.

The yielding of this plant is so much significant, and we have to take care of this thing. Increasing the yielding power of the plant will be beneficial for you, and you should learn some tips for that. Topping is a process in which you have to cut the top of the plant so that it can grow thicker and fuller around the side; you can see it here. Filming should also be done by you. It is like topping, but you don’t have to cut the whole top of the plant. Let’s check out all these tips in brief.

  • Topping 

Topping is a kind of process in which we have to cut the top of the cannabis plant. This is vital as the plant will start growing thicker and fuller around the sider. You have to do this if you want a big plant, no matter you have a healthy plant. This is a tried and true method. If you do not adopt this method, then your pant will grow longer and thinner. This will not produce the expected yield from it. So, you should use this method as a thick and wider plant is able to produce more yield, and the plant will get into more of the sunlight.

  • Fimming 

This method is similar to the topping. You have to cut the top of the plant, but only a few parts of it. You don’t have to cut the entire top. It is more like a hairstyle to the plant in which you have to trim it a bit. This method encourages bushy growth of the plant and increases the cola yields. This technique is a kind of practice for the cannabis plant to become bushy and to increase extra flowering. This method was not deliberately made; it took place by mistake while doing the topping method on the plant.

  • Lollipopping 

Upbringing this method will make your plant look like a lollipop. This is because you have to cut the side branches and the small ones from the plant, which allows the plant to put all of its energy into the main branches. This technique is the same as the pruning done in the trees where you don’t want the small branches to suck the energy of the plant. You can also remove the sluggish lower branches so that the air circulation in between the plants will get better. This method mainly helps in collecting energy for the big branches so that they can produce a good yield in the end.

To sum up 

Increasing the yield of your plant is necessary as if you will not get the expected yield out of it, then all your hard work will get wasted. For increasing the yield of the cannabis plant, you have to follow some tips that will be helpful for your plant. Some of the tips have been discussed above, which are lollipop pink, topping, and fimming.