A Few Microwave Oven Safety Tips For You

Microwave oven is one of the helpful appliances in the kitchen. In fact, it is considered as the best friend of people who have busy schedule at work and don’t have enough time to cook or prepare their food. However, when not properly used, microwave oven may also impose some undesired scenarios such as accidents and injuries. So, to help you know how to use oven properly, here are some safety tips for you.

Follow the Instruction

All appliances including built in microwave convection oven have directions in the user manual. It is provided once you purchase the product from the retailer. The instructions include some safety precautions and operating procedures that will help you to know how to use the appliance properly and safely such as not using the microwave when it is empty. Instructions would generally tell users not heat water or any liquids longer than the provided instruction and recommendation. This is a rule of thumb, it is important to follow the instructions to prevent any incident.

Use safe containers

It is also important to use microwave safe containers. You have to make sure that the container you put inside your oven is microwavable. There are some cases of accidents because people are using plastic containers that aren’t safe when put inside the oven. Not only it will damage your container and the food, but it can also damage your entire microwave oven. The FDA recommends using ceramic, glass, and plastic containers that are suitable for microwave oven use. If it is something that is not for microwave oven use, then you better not put it inside your oven to avoid accident.

Check if there is leakage

Regularly, you should also check if there is any leakage in your microwave oven. One of the main reasons why microwave ovens don’t function well is because of the radiation leaking. So, make sure to check if the latch, door hinges and even the seals are damaged. Experts recommend to look at your oven regularly and carefully if there are any issues. In addition, you should never use your oven if the door is not firmly closed. You should be careful with some issues as it may damage the overall condition of your appliance.

It is also advisable not to use super-heated water. This means that the water is heated beyond the temperature it is supposed to boil. Keep in mind that there are incidents and cases of serious skin burn because of overheating water in the oven. So, to avoid this accident, make sure to use a clean cup that is microwavable and at the right temperature only. After all, above anything else, your safety is the most important thing that you should prioritize and pay attention to.

Overall, when using microwave oven, it is important to be careful, follow the instructions and be mindful of the safety measures and precautions to avoid any accident or injuries. Following the mentioned tips will help you utilize your appliance safely.