What is Social Media? – Understand the basics about the platform!!

Social Media appears to be a term that is used to describe the next generation of websites. 

In the old days, like last week! A website was something that displayed your business to the world. It was essentially an online brochure where people could visit and look at great pictures of stuff they could buy … or read details about a service they may be interested in. 

Today the world has moved on and people’s brains are running at an every increasing rate of knots which means that if they happen to bump into your website it may only be for a moment or two. The demand for creating the videos at Facebook is at the peak. The information about facebook video ads is provided to the people to upload the videos. The engagement at the profile is increased when there is selection of the right content. The advertisement in the videos will create awareness about different products in the audience. 

A colleague of mine recons that the average time people spend on a web page is less than half a second. He also maintains that 78.9% of all statistics are made up on the fly, so best take the exact timing with a pinch of salt but you get the idea. Not very long and you have to get them to move to the next step rapidly or they are gone. 

So if you are involved in selling products online you need to be at the top of the search engines for the products you sell to enable them to find you in the first place. Ensure your price or added value is second to none and then you might be in with a fighting chance of landing the deal. 

If you are in a B2B business space where your service tends to be bespoke and more consultancy based then you need to demonstrate your knowledge and wisdom by participating in the world of social media and engaging online with people who have questions to ask about your specialism. 

LinkedIn is a brilliant online community for business men and women as it provides the opportunity to contribute to or indeed build your own specialist groups where you can demonstrate your wisdom through contribution. 

Then if people like the cut of your jib they can connect with you online or indeed simply phone you up and have a conversation around there needs. 

You need to be engaged and at the table for people to be able to converse with you so start taking those first steps by joining LinkedIn or a specialist website you are already aware of where your colleagues hang out. 

The end game, should you feel the benefit of social media, should be to create your own online presence where people can engage with you and then you can drive people back from the other forums, groups and websites you engage with back to your own world.