Minecraft Malte Pack 1.8 Texture Pack – Know about the packs

For this week’s Minecraft texture pack I got to play around with the Malte Pack 1.8. The Malte Pack is an HD realism texture pack developed by AllesWoGibt and has been nothing but great for me for what it is. The texture pack seems like it is still being developed and updated on a bi-daily bases almost. When I first gave this texture pack a run, there was tons of the new blocks still missing from the new Minecraft 1.8 update. As of two days ago it appears that all the new blocks are now present in the Malte Pack 1.8 update. The texture pack can be downloaded from through the link below and is installed by simply dropping the downloaded file into the resource pack folder located in the .minecraft folder on your computer. The texture pack can then be loaded from the Minecraft launcher under options by clicking the resource pack. The minecraft premium will provide the information about the packs. There are different options available to play the games. The use of the right strategy will offer the desired results to the players. The resource pack is the best one to play the games.

The first thing you may notice about this texture pack is the massive, extremely detailed sun and moon. They really stand out once you start roaming around the world scavenging for resources. One of the coolest things I noticed about this pack and is pretty unique is the fact that you can dye the banners into your countries flag and fly them outside of your house. This is a really neat feature if you are playing online. Seeing as how servers have players from all over the globe it would be cool to fly your flag. Apart from that, everything is super detailed and some textures like the water is actually animated. A lot of the productivity blocks such as the crafting table, chests, and enchantment table have a really cool rustic or even medieval kind of look to them. Lastly, the glass has a small wooden frame which is a small detail that I personally look for when testing texture packs. Glass is one of the primary blocks I use when in creative mode and the frame is a very small detail that just kind of tops the cake.

With that being said, it is definitely suggestion that this texture pack be used with either Mcpatcher or Forge combined with the Optifine mod. With the extreme detail of the blocks and the realistic animated water it is possible that your computer may bog down and not run as smooth as what you are used to. The Optifine mod helps to cut specific details that are not as prevalent such as rendering distance, chunk loading, and block smoothing to free up some cpu. There is nothing more distracting than experiencing

lag when you are vigorously engaged in battle trying to defend your hut from creepers or griefers. Use the link below to download and give this texture pack and give it a try with your current Minecraft builds. Let us know in the comments what you think about this texture pack and if you will be using it in your Minecraft worlds daily. Also keep checking back for reviews on new texture packs.