Things To Consider While Buying Dog Nail Grinders For The First Time

Dogs are friends and are a part of the family, every dog owner out there wants the best for their furry little or big friends. Grooming is a big part of dog care. They need to be cleaned, brushed, trimmed from time to time. One thing about grooming that many digs are not really comfortable with is, cutting their nails. They love their claws, but having long claws can be dangerous and pretty inconvenient. That is there is a need to trim the claws down from time to time. But, dogs are not really enthusiastic about the process, especially if a clipper is used. This is where; dog nail grinders for dogs come really handy. 

These grinders are useful in grinding the nails safely without much fuss from the dog as well. There are many grinders that one can choose from. Some of the factors that help make the right choice are listed below.


Adjustability is the factor that makes the grinder useful for trimming various types of nails. This can be useful if one has more than a dog at their place. Some grinders can trim and cut only one type of nails; called as step-less nail grinders. But, there are many grinders which allow the user to adjust the grinder based on the dog’s nails size and type.

Level of noise and vibration

Grinders can make noise while grinding the nails. But, many dogs find loud noises to be stressful and they can become agitated. This can cause quite a ruckus while trimming their nails down. Therefore, try to look for those nail grinders which have lower noise and vibration levels. This will help in keeping the dog calm while one is trimming their nails down.

Bit material

The grinding part or grinder bit of the tool is basically the most crucial part to look at while buying one. The most top rated dog nail grinders will have a diamond bit grinding part. This can make the grinder expensive and also can have more durability. But, most of the dogs do not require diamond bits for grinding their nails. Lesser quality material can do to. The most common choice stands to be the sanding drum bit. They are good for domestic dog grooming purpose.

Battery life

Most of the bog owners prefer buying cordless nail grinders. It is easy to carry and can be used anywhere without having to look for an electrical outlet. But, cordless means battery powered. Therefore, it is crucial to know what the battery life of the grinder is. How often one will have to charge the grinder and how long it will run after that, are some factors that should be considered before buying.

Other features

Among other factors and features that should be taken into account is the appearance of the nail grinder. Having a good looking grinder can make the dog more attentive and attracted to it. Scary looking grinders will make the dog run away.

Also, check for safety features like adjustable grinder bit, safety guards etc. to make sure that the pet is not harmed or injured in any way while grooming them. 

A nicely designed nail grinder with appropriate features is what one should pick for their dog. Nothing too noisy, too loud, or too scary to make them furry friends hide and scutter.